Bob_and_Sue_Burdick_Headshot-2Bob Burdick has been with Juice Plus+ since June of 1987 and, has become one of the company’s most influential leaders. In 1999, Bob & Sue were awarded the prestigious Founder’s Award, and have been praised by Jay Martin for affecting more lives than any other distributors in Juice Plus+. The Founder’s Award recognized Bob & Sue’s more than 2 million air miles in support of NSA distributors worldwide. They have business in each of the countries in which NSA operates.

Bob continuously strives to build his business through leadership by example. Training others in the methods of building a distributorship, and providing them with the example of work habits, Bob has helped thousands of people achieve their own success stories. Bob Burdick is a master of the compensation plan and has taught thousands of people around the world the intricacies of structure for maximizing income.